Anonymous: You are so beautiful. I adore the whole you. I really love your body and it makes me feel comfortable in mine.

aww thank you! i’m glad i made you feel good about yourself! i bet your’e cute 2!

yuutann: once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself publicly, then send it to ten of your favourite followers <3

so many ppl have sent me this! so i think i’m going to answer! 
i dont usually like to say positive things about myself  like this but..
1. Im creative
2. Im  good at cooking
3. i’m proud of who i am, im not pretending to be anything im not. 

… uhm i dont know… :S this shit is hard.. like 5 things is allot of THINGS…..!

4. im a good friend to the people i love!
5. I keep promises, and im a person you can trust.